Founded in 2020, NightSky Consulting is a boutique grant writing and strategic communications firm helping nonprofit organizations win grants, develop online fundraising campaigns, and position for success in the market.

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We believe in the power of community. As such, we are members of the Global Grant Writers Collective, an international group of professional, certified grant writers committed to best practices and creative strategy. Together, the collective has been awarded $250+ million in funding for organizations like yours. 


Shanna Morgan

Founder and Principal Grant Consultant

Shanna Morgan is a nonprofit communications consultant specializing in grants, fundraising campaigns, and strategic communications. After 10+ years in various roles supporting businesses and nonprofits in marketing, operations, and public relations, she founded NightSky Consulting in 2020 to partner with nonprofit leaders to improve the sustainability of their organizations and communities. Since 2020, Shanna has helped clients secure over 1M in grants and fundraising.

Shanna received a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and certifications in Grant Writing and PR & Strategic Communication. When not working, she enjoys reading contemporary novels and adventures in NYC with her husband and two children. 

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Anthony Thomas, MS

| DEI Advisor

Anthony serves as our diversity, equity, and inclusion advisor. He brings 10+ years of NJ state and federal government experience, along with 3 years of service in higher education. He is an exemplary disabilities professional with a well-demonstrated history of disability advocacy and serving as a liaison between various constituents pertaining to disability, accommodation, accessibility, diversity and equal access.

Jessica Stack

| Grant Writer

As a former classroom teacher on Maui and Oahu, Jessica now consults as a grant writer for schools, nonprofit organizations, and community groups. She is passionate about the environment, arts, health, and education. She served on the Hawaii State Foundation of Culture and the Arts review panel for Artists in the Classroom and Individual (ARP) Artist Recovery Grants, and has served clients with local, state, and federal grants. 

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